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Akothee to men: Marry women with ‘big sufurias’ and not big cars

By Sammy Waweru January 25th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan songbird and businesswoman Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has advised Kenyan men to go for women who cook them plenty of food.

In her own words, the artiste, who never shies off from expressing herself, has said men should look for women with big sufuria.

“Marry a woman with a big sufuria not the one with a big car. Akothee Dhako marito wende kende, kendo budho wende kende (Dholuo for I am Akothee, a woman who knows how host visitors)” said on her official Facebook page.

Attached to the post a pictures of herself preparing porridge in a big sufuria.

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Akothee with her fiancé, whom she fondly calls ‘Omondi Denis’ is seemingly on an upcountry visit.

In other pictures she is seen serving her man and other guests porridge using calabashes.

“My culture is simple, we drink Uji in the morning, we eat fish and ugali at lunch time. And we can eat Omena and ugali all year round. You are also allowed to marry as many wives as your pocket can support. Tell me about your culture,” she wrote.

The 39-year-old mother of three has been flaunting her boyfriend and on Tuesday she posted photos of the man’s family members.

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Akothee said her futures in-laws are on a tour at her native home.

“Simply the sweetest. Our in-laws had to visit Sony Sugar to understand why Akothee is soo sweet. I come from Migori County where we manufacturer our own sugar from our own sugar canes. We are not suffering like what you see on CNN. Kenya is rich with rich natural resources,” she said.

In some of her other recent posts, Akothee and her guest are seen slaughtering a pig and preparing mutura.

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