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Akothee warns women against having babies with boyfriends

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee and the self-declared president of single mothers, on Thursday, March 23, 2023, warned women against having babies with boyfriends- whether one boyfriend or more.

In her statement, she acknowledged that a father’s love in not less than a mother’s but warned that some men opt to manipulate women into getting pregnant for them as a means of tying down the woman for his selfish gains.

Akothee further categorized some of these men as irresponsible people with misplaced priorities, often creating situations that led to broken homes and bitter children caught in the middle.

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“Don’t fall into a trap of having a child with every man who comes across, it’s a way of them pinning you down, it’s a form of ownership. When a man asks you for a child, it doesn’t really mean he loves you.

1. He wants unprotected sex

2. He wants you to feel like he is really into you

3. He wants to own and control you in his camp, you be one of his buttons and

4. He wants to tone you down and have you under his armpits.”

“The moment you get pregnant, his interest in you disappears because he doesn’t have to chase you anymore, it’s the vice versa. But trust me; he will still want his child. I am not talking about sperm donors, Mr hit and runs…take care of yourself girl,” said Akothee in part.

The outspoken mother of five children (some with different fathers) also added that people should pray for family reunions and peace to be maintained; as well as advocate for friendly co-parenting when the relationship between two people with kids fails to work out.

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“Nothing hurts like raising a broken bitter child. Dear mothers, the fact that he doesn’t provide doesn’t mean he is heartless; he is just mean (and) irresponsible with misplaced priorities.

Some could be doing this to pull your leg, he finds happiness in hurting you because he is still hurting. Some men are just irresponsible even while they are in a relationship.

When you think your baby daddy is useless, wait until you meet a man who wants to be kept like a pet, and he will still ask you for a child. (Baby utanizalia mtoto? [baby, when will you get pregnant with my baby?]).

If he can’t start by asking (for) your hand in marriage ,mtoto anuiliza ya nini (why is he asking for a child)?”concluded Akothee.

Akothee is currently dating her latest boyfriend, a Caucasian man she nicknamed Omosh, and recently lost a pregnancy. It is not known if the pregnancy was her boyfriend’s or she was pregnant prior to their getting together.

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