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Akothee weighs in on actor Omosh’s ‘depression’

Celebrated singer Akothee has recently shared her sentiments on the viral reports of actor Omosh being depressed, yet again.

Speaking through her Instagram account, the Akothee Safaris CEO sympathized with the actor in his time of adversity and let him know that he was not alone.

“Omosh! pole kwa yote unayopitia, hauko peke yako ndugu yangu. 80% of Kenyans are going through worse situations that they don’t even know including mental illness.

Omosh do you know 70% of Kenyans can survive on their monthly salaries? People are just putting their heads on top of the water wasizame?” said Akothee.

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Am not depressed #kizangilaomosh

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The ‘Benefactor’ hitmaker also shared her opinion on the matter and asked netizens not to scold her for honestly weighing in on his situation.

“At least you know you are depressed. Omosh what is depressing you so we start by addressing it? Unaona ni vipi tunaweza kukusaidia? Ni wewe utuambie hii story yako tumalize tuendele na maisha ingine. Guys, what’s Omosh problem? I come in peace,” she stated.

Just a few days ago, the former Tahidi High actor told Mpasho that he is not doing well.

Speaking in the interview, Omosh described his current situation as depressing, which got many of his followers concerned about his well-being.

“I am just going through a lot, I don’t know if it is depression or what is happening in my life,” he said.

Still, during the interview, Omosh said he was somewhere trying to figure out how he would get home after a friend invited him for a job and refused to pay him.

“Like right now, I am just wondering how I will get to my house in Kayole. I had been called for some jobs but it did not work, so I am stranded,” he said.

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viatu ni za watu wawili mbona unabisha???#kizangilaomosh #ppptv

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Omosh also hinted that he is no longer living with his family.

“I have lost everything in my life, my wife, and everything is gone,” he added.

The last time the comedian appeared in the public was when he was being prayed for at Pastor Kanyari’s church a few months ago.

The comedian, who was gifted a three-bedroomed house said he had not moved to the place since his children are in school and there are no schools around.

The house, which is located in Malaa was handed to Omosh in June 2021 after he came out claiming he was almost being evicted over rent arrears.

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The actor’s situation was first highlighted during the covid 19 outbreak when he revealed he was jobless.

“All this time I have been jobless without any source of income. I had tried other gigs but they did not materialize. It has been a tough journey, especially now with the pandemic,” said Omosh.

The father of three admitted he used to earn about Sh18,000 per episode on Tahidi High, but was facing Sh100,000 rent arrears and staring at eviction.

“I cannot provide for my children – they are now wondering what I have become… It’s true that I have a family; I am sure my sister and friends have seen or heard all this, but I don’t want to be a bother to anyone because they also have their own issues,” he added.

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