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Akothee: Why I always struggle to introduce my new lovers to my mum

Kenyan singer Akothee says she always struggled to introduce her new lovers to her mum whom she says does not entertain ‘promiscuity’.

In a post on her social media handle, Akothee said she is always fearful of introducing the men in her life to her mum and often sends one of her uncles to convey the message on her behalf.

“Uncle Mark loves me just the way I am, he will be the first one to tell me my secrets and (I usually) send him to go tell her mad sister that I have met someone. My mum is not an approachable woman,” she said.

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Akothee said that her mum, Monica Yunita Kokeyo, is very keen when it comes to marriage and relationship issues.

The songbird described her mother is a no-nonsense woman who has never bought the idea of ‘multiple’ marriages. The Kula Ngoma hitmaker also revealed that her mum values ‘first’ marriage.

“Even if you introduce her to a billionaire, as long as you were once married, she will tell you that once your dowry was paid, you have to respect your matrimonial home. She has issues especially with things to do with relationships, she doesn’t encourage anyone to move from one marriage to another,” said Akothee.

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The mother of five revealed that she has only officially introduced two men to her mum.

Just a few weeks ago Akothee showed the face of the man in her life after she broke up with her former manager Nelly Oaks. She even hinted that they are planning to exchange wedding vows.

“I only introduced Baba Oyoo and my first husband. This will be the third man to introduce me to my mum. I am not sure how she will react,” she said.

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