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Akothee: Why I stopped going to church

Akothee has opened up for the first time about her decision to distance herself from the church and the reasons she no longer takes her children to church.

In an emotional post shared on her social media platforms, Akothee shed light on the personal turmoil that led to her departure from the church community.

“The Akothee you see now even my parents can’t figure her out. It was a shock to my mother to see me like this,” she wrote, expressing the challenges she has faced along her journey.

Akothee’s decision to leave the church was driven by a deep sense of betrayal and isolation during a difficult phase in her life.

She shared her experience during the downfall of her marriage, revealing that she felt abandoned by her church friends when she needed their support the most.

“Well, I left church and joined the world because when my marriage hit rock bottom, all our friends from the church took my ex’s side. I was rejected and judged harshly, none of them reached out to me, and I was left to die,” she disclosed with raw honesty.

The artist further revealed that her pain was compounded by the fact that the very community she had turned to for guidance turned their backs on her.

“This hurt me so much that I had to let go and look for a new circle of friends,” she shared, highlighting the emotional toll this experience took on her.

Akothee detailed how her decision to distance herself from the church was also fueled by her desire to protect her children from the painful memories associated with their past.

“I avoided going to church because most of the songs we used to sing with my children and their dad would trigger bad emotions. I took them to the big tree on the beach every Saturday,” she admitted.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Akothee’s strength and resilience shine through in her words.

“My children were and still are my source of inspiration. There are times in life I thought God has forgotten me,” she shared.

Her post comes a few days after her invite to mentor a girls high School was cancelled by a local church leaders.

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