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Akothee: Your criticism has made me a rich woman

Singer Akothee has a new message for her critics.

The mother of five took to social media to boast on how regular criticism from some of her followers has propelled her to international recognition, and fattened her bank account.

She says although most Kenyans called her a disgrace, her fans in the diaspora saw her as the “Madona of Kenya”.

In fact, her controversial performance on Valentine’s Day was the breakthrough to her finances, increasing her wealth tremendously, she says.

In addition she announced that she will perform at an exclusive show for Italians on September 7, at the coast, and another music concert in Monaco.

“Stay around people who love you for you and lights your candle! Roberto invited me for a show in his Hotel in papa Remo for the Valentine’s. Which to Kenyans they thought I was a disgrace, the show trended negatively locally, and trended positively internationally, Kenyans called me a disgrace but Italians called me MADONA OF KENYA,” said Akothee.

She added: “The show trended positively in Italy and that changed the position of my pocket and a breakthrough in my career, because of this show I will be performing exclusively for Italian dignitaries on the 7th September in Kilili baharini everything was already paid for, and I have an invite for another exclusive show in MONACO I am here to finalize the purchase of my new home in Watamu.”


She concludes by thanking moral police boss Ezekiel Mutua for his reproach against her after terming her performance as “demonic”.

“Someone tell Mutua he was a blessing, I thought you should know that, if you ever fought for me online it has brought blessings,” wrote Akothee.

Her rant is in regards to her performance on Valentine’s Day during the Abebo Music Festival at the coast where she made headlines on her suggestive possess on stage.

At one point during her performance, she flung her legs wide open, with two of her dancers holding each leg as those in the audience took pictures. She was also pictured with her derriere facing the crowd.