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Akothee’s daughter Rue leaves team mafisi drooling with swimming photo

Team Mafisi are having the best time of their lives, all thanks to singer Akothee’s daughter Celly Rue, popularly known as Rue Baby.

This is after the aspiring model shared erotic pictures of herself coming out of a swimming pool while wearing a flimsy vest dress.

Now with the garment soaked in water, it clinged on to her body exposing the outline of her breasts, leaving very little to the imagination.

“A fine piece of art ❤❤❤.. Sunday feels so good,” captioned Celly Rue.

The photo and caption excited many of her fans who camped on her Instagram page to share their hot thoughts on her bold post.

“Aaahlaaaaar !??? POINT taken,” said comedian MCA Tricky.

“Nateseka kutoka Tanzania,” stated peyton1_official.

“Sasa umeamua tunyonge nayo?” asked kaluigideon.

“Umeamua kutuonyesha Nipples,” commented j.i.z.o.h.

“Those nipple ndio city clock zimesimama,” wrote mabenevincent.

“It’s getting hot in here….??,” said johnniecool6.


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