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Akothee’s daughter takes after her mom’s infamous skimpy dressing taste

If any of Kenyan singer Akothee’s three daughters have taken after her, it would have to be Rue Baby. See, Akothee is also infamously known for too little dressing. At 40, Akothee often posts pictures of herself dressed in booty shorts, miniskirts or bikini tops to do the most mundane of things including farming or washing dishes.

Beside her, her daughters Vesha, 25, Rue, 24, and Prudence alias Fancy Makadia,20, are often hanging around either helping her or dancing to music- dressed like their mother. One could attribute their dressing to the geographical regions they live in considering Akothee owns houses in the coastal and Migori – areas known for high temperatures or the celebrity hood lifestyle their mother exposed them to at an early age.

Such posts often arouse furor over the examples she sets for her three impressionable daughters. Some followers often go to the extent of asking Akothee why she exposes her children to the public, dressed as they were, considering so many evils that lurk in targeting young women. Some even ask Akothee to dress decently because so many young girls look up to her.

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To this, Akothee – known for being defensive and vulgar when targeted – always responds that she is no one’s mentor and that she knows what she is doing with her daughters.

Back to Rue. Banking on her slim figure, it would appear such concerns are not bothering her as she has evolved into a social media sensation herself especially after clinching the Face of Nivea position in 2017.

Rue, real name Celine Okello, began posting photos of herself in skimpy outfits and once in a while, threw in topless – albeit tastefully done – photos of herself on Instagram. Currently on vacation in Southern Europe, Rue has been posting Insta stories of herself wilding out in clubs and on the beach; dressed in short tight shorts, bikini tops and dancing on table tops before tons of Caucasian tourists.

All this, it would appear, is to celebrate her slim figure, that is celebrated across the modelling industry but sometimes frowned upon for being too thin.

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