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Akothee’s daughters party with her ex-lover Nelly Oaks

Akothee’s daughter, Vesha, recently celebrated her birthday with close friends and family, including her sister Rue Baby.

The celebration, which took place over the weekend, intrigued fans when a video surfaced on Vesha’s Instagram page, revealing the presence of Akothee’s former manager and ex-lover, Nelly Oaks.

In the video, the young CEO can be seen enjoying herself alongside her friends, capturing moments of joy and celebration.

However, what caught the attention of fans was the unexpected appearance of Nelly Oaks, who had previously been involved in a bitter separation from Akothee.

Curiosity among fans grew, prompting many to comment on the video and inquire about the status of Akothee and Nelly Oaks’ friendship following their turbulent past.

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Akothee herself joined the conversation, leaving a comment that read, “Happy birthday, girl. Send my regards to Nelly. Let him know that my birthday is coming up soon. If he misses it, I will cry… FAMILY.”

The separation between Akothee and Nelly Oaks occurred in June 2022, with Akothee announcing the split on her social media platforms after noticing his absence from her timeline.

Before their separation, the couple had a very affectionate relationship, with Akothee openly expressing her deep love for Nelly Oaks.

When asked about her decision to end the relationship, Akothee stated that it was a personal choice, emphasizing the need to focus on her happiness and reduce distractions.

She further emphasized that everyone has the right to end any relationship whenever they need to, and that individuals are free to date whomever they choose.

Akothee’s candid statement resonated with her followers, inspiring messages of empowerment and self-care.

She encouraged her fans to prioritize their mental health and sever ties with any relationship that hinders personal growth.

Akothee is currently enjoying her honeymoon with her second husband, Denis Schweizer, a.k.a Omondi.

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