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Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks hits out at blogs again

Singer Esther Akoth’s sister Cebbie Koks has once again hit out at blogs for what she terms as misrepresentation of facts.

In a post on her Instagram stories, the entrepreneur shared that blogs appear busy typing on their machines, but they do not know the facts of what actually transpired.

Cebbie has in the past trended after a fight of words with her sister and her relationships with blogs penning down the exchange of words or drama that ensued.

Over the weekend, she shared photos of her in her rural home and even explained where her house is located at.

“Blogs be like…Ahh there you go. Something to write about Cebbie Koks while your content is totally misrepresentation of facts.”

Barely a week ago, she hit out at blogs eagerly awaiting her response or remark after Akothee’s lavish wedding. Cebbie was not present at the wedding thanks to Akothee cutting her off.

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A close friend, while speaking to Nairobi News shared that Cebbie was not invited emphasizing that the discord between the two sisters is so deeply personal, but they have prevented it from influencing their relationships with other family members.

However, their disagreement has not trickled down to Akothee’s daughters, who were present during her wedding ceremony. Further, the two come together when Akothee’s daughters are being cyberbullied online.

While Akothee shared that she did not want her family drama to be dragged at her wedding, Cebbie’s absence pricked the nerve of some of their followers.

The two sisters fell out in 2020 when Cebbie claimed Akothee was struggling financially and was faking her riches on Instagram.

In an exposé by blogger Edgar Obare that made rounds on social media, Cebbie claimed that singer had become poor and couldn’t even afford school fees for her children at the time. She also accused her of being a husband snatcher remarks that never sat well with Akothee.

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