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Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks on marriage, regrets

Cebbie Koks Nyasego, younger sister of renowned Kenyan artist Akothee, has shared the challenges of fame and the decision to keep her marriage away from the public eye.

Cebbie, who serves as the Chief Executive of Virtual Twenty One Ltd, shared with Lynn Ngugi a strong aversion to fame and the perils it can bring into personal relationships.

Despite being married to Steve Ogolla, a distinguished lawyer and political analyst, since December 2022, Cebbie revealed that she would prefer to lead a private life if given the chance.

“Given a chance, I would not want to be out there. I would also not want to be famous. Social media is not a safe space for everyone and it can also reveal the ugly edge in your marriage. I wish my marriage is not out there. Given a chance, I would keep it private because people look out for the bad things that can happen and pray over it and even make it a subject of discussion. There is a way blogs twist things. I know the pain and the joy of public life. But I will still post the good things about marriage,” she shared.

Responding to questions about whether she married her best friend, Cebbie remarked that it was too early to tell.

She acknowledged that individuals with more extended marital experiences could speak with greater certainty on the matter.

However, she emphasized the positive aspects of her husband, expressing her desire to witness him grow and achieve his ambitions.

“I don’t think I can say I married my best friend since I am still so young in married. People who have been there for like four years can speak with a lot of certainty. He is a good man, I would love to see him grow and reach his ambitions,” she said.

In January, Cebbie took a surprising step by deleting all their wedding photos from her social media accounts, prompting speculation about the state of their relationship.

While rumors of a potential split circulated, Cebbie clarified in the interview that she is still married.

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