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Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks responds to online trolls

Cebbie Koks, sister to singer Akothee, has broken her silence amidst a wave of online trolling and negative comments directed at her marriage to Steve Ogolla.

Cebbie’s message also comes at a time when her sister’s marriage has been the talk of town.

Cebbie shared her thoughts on the importance of standing one’s ground and maintaining composure in the face of adversity, both online and offline.

In her statement, Cebbie emphasized the significance of asserting oneself and not succumbing to online pressure, even when there are valid reasons to do so.

She explained how she had recently acquired the skill of standing her ground, particularly when dealing with challenges in the world of social media.

“Standing your ground is a skill I learned not so long ago when dealing with adversities, especially on social media,” Cebbie began.

She went on to draw parallels between human behaviors online and offline, highlighting the consistency in people’s conduct across various aspects of life.

Cebbie delved into the theoretical and philosophical approaches to understanding human behavior, pointing out that human actions are influenced by a combination of empirical research and underlying beliefs and values.

She noted that one’s values, beliefs, and value system play a crucial role in shaping their actions and reactions.

She provided a practical example by referring to social learning theory, where children often learn by observing and imitating their parents’ behavior.

If parents exhibit kindness and helpfulness, children are more likely to adopt similar behaviors, while negative behaviors can also be mimicked.

Cebbie acknowledged that dealing with online trolls and bullies, who often display a disposition of barbarity, can be exceptionally challenging.

However, she stressed the importance of “standing your ground” and not letting their actions or words provoke a reaction.

“Just as we stand our ground when encountering animals by staying calm and composed to avoid escalating things, you need to behave similarly when encountering social media trolls or bullies,” Cebbie advised.

She characterized trolls as individuals who seek to bring others down and emphasized that maintaining composure and not providing the reaction they crave is a powerful way to maintain control over such situations.

Cebbie emphasized that standing your ground does not necessarily mean justifying actions or speaking one’s truth but rather asserting oneself with confidence and composure.

Cebbie Koks also reminded readers that people are who they are, and maintaining one’s dignity and self-respect is paramount.

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