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Akothee’s sister says she’s ‘tired’ of social media

June 17th, 2021 2 min read

Fresh from a public fallout with her celebrity sibling, Cebbie Koks Nyasego, sister to popular singer Akothee, now says she’s had enough of social media.

She claims that the social platforms are now full of fake friends and relationships.

Additionally, she adds that it has made people have unrealistic expectations in life.

“Being an extrovert and open to networking, I used to adore social media. It made it so easy and we got interconnected to the people we would never have known or mingled with. Look at how fast we are informed, BUT NO THANK YOU. NOT ANYMORE,” she explained.

“It has become vicious, vile, and unfriendly. People are full of unrealistic expectations, no GRACE NOR COMPASSION. It has become so difficult to have innocent debates, friendships, loveship or peer groups.Natural is considered fake and fake is the new natural,” she went on.

The social platforms which were meant for people to interact and network have become a field where people use to get back at each other. She says that she might soon delete all her social accounts.

“Out to get someone to hurt, evidence for future use, videos to harm and dent reputations. We even predetermine fallouts so we grab anything and everything for later use. We find pleasure in people’s pain, celebrate people’s misfortune, ridicule and body shame our fellow humans. Trust me, if not that I use my social media for my business or career progression, I would have DELETED ALL my accounts and this might be very soon. What an obscene place,” said Cebbie.

Cebbie has had her fair share of social media spotlight after she fell out with her famous sister Akothee.

In the past Cebbie made sensational claims about her sister saying that Akothee was broke and could not even afford school fees for her children.

Akothee responded saying that some members of her family were lashing out at her after she stopped giving them money.