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Akothee’s sister: We fight like all families do, but there’s no bad blood between us

Singer Akothee’s sister Cebbie has denied rumours that she is not in good terms with the singer, following their much publicised public spat. Cebbie, while speaking to media personality CJ Atemo, revealed that there is no bad blood between them.

She, however, admitted that just like any other family, they fight but they always find a way to sort their differences.

“Family is family and I like the way people kept on attacking me ‘oooh… you can’t fight president of single mothers (Akothee)’… She’s my sister. Even if I am killed today, she’ll open her arms and accept me because she’s more of my mother, something people don’t know,” Cebbie said.

“We also fight badly and hit optimum. What people don’t know is that when Akothee and I are fighting in that family nobody talks because no one can bring us together. We find a way to talk and we talked the same day. We don’t understand why people keep asking me if I’m talking to her. We don’t need to show you that we’re talking or we’re good. It didn’t dent us as much,” she said.


The latest fight between the two sisters broke out after Cebbie sensationally claimed that Akothee is now poor and can’t even afford school fees for her kids.

Cebbie also accused Akothee of being a husband snatcher who has also dated politicians in the country.

In her response to these claims, Akothee said she has done more than enough for her family members but who now hate her because she stopped giving them cash.