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Akuku Danger confirms relationship with Sandra Dacha

Kenyan Comedian Akuku Danger has confirmed that he and actress Sandra Dacha are an item.

In a recent interview with a local publication, the Churchill show comedian openly addressed the rumours that have been making rounds on the internet that he and the ‘Auntie Boss’ actress are an item. 

Following his revelation, Sandra had commented on many occasions on her social media that Akuku is her partner, to which netizens did not seem convinced. “Sandra told you the truth. Wait till you see us taking photos of a baby bump so that you may know the truth,” said Akuku Danger during the interview.

For the past few months, the Churchill Show comedian was hospitalized for reasons not yet known to the public. However, the comedian had been admitted twice after he developed more complications. With this, the hospital bill accumulated and Sandra Dacha, the now confirmed girlfriend of the comedian reached out and appealed to their fans and well-wishers to help fundraise for the comedian to offset the accumulated hospital bill. 

According to Sandra Dacha, they were able to raise 3.5 million upon which the comedian was discharged from the hospital as they continue to settle the remaining amount. “@itsakukudanger ‘s Hospital bill was about 4.5Million, and we managed to raise about 3.5Million (Including pledges). We will now have to put in work to settle the bill of what’s left,” wrote Sandra on her social media pages.

Akuku Danger, during the interview also disclosed that although he comes from a polygamous family, he is not one. “I come from a polygamous family, but I’m not polygamous,” said the comedian.

Contrary, he added that he does believe in polygamous marriages because he was raised in one and saw it work out.. “To be honest, when you see the relationships in Kanairo so many people are in polygamous relationships but they don’t want to admit it. I would rather be honest and tell Sandra that I want to bring so and so as my second wife, what do you think?”

He added, “I believe in polygamous marriages. If push comes to shove, why not?”