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Suspected Al Shabaab militants in Lamu issue chilling terror threat

Police officers in Lamu county are on high alert following a terror-related incident on Sunday night which has caused anxiety among the locals.

According to an intelligence report seen by Nairobi News, heavy gunshots were heard a few metres from Ishakani GSU Camp and when officers went to find out what was happening they found messages written in Arabic warning non-Muslims in the region.

“The officers noticed Arabic writings on the road which loosely translated to “Let the non-Muslims prepare for war.”


Officers also found the road along the Kenyan-Somalia border blocked by suspected terrorists who fled into a bush after noticing that the police had arrived at the scene.

The incident took place just hours after suspected militants stormed a store in Mandera and made away with food.

Two weeks ago, an intelligence report issued by the police warned that suspected militants from Somalia had crossed the border into Kenya.

In the report seen by Nairobi News, the militants were 15 in number and were targeting to make attacks in the Nprth Eastern targeting hospitals.