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Al-Shabaab warning to attack college a hoax, police say

By GEORGE SAYAGIE November 14th, 2016 1 min read

Leaflets dropped at a teachers college in Narok County warning students of possible terror attacks were not authored by Al-Shabaab, police have said.

While warning of dire consequences on those who will be found to be behind the leaflets, County Police Commander Paul Kiogora said it was unusual for Al-Shabaab members to write letters to people if they were planning to attack.

“Papers were dropped at the college along Narok-Mau-Narok Road. I can’t really understand the reason behind this. We have conducted our investigations and it is pretty clear that this was not done by Al-Shabaab,” he said.

Mr Kiogora said they had contained the situation and promised to arrest a student behind the alarm, when investigations.


He added that the Saturday night incident was causing fear among residents and was suspicious that a section of students fearing end of year exams were the authors of the leaflets.

Students left their hostels with many flocking entertainment joints in Narok Town where they spent the night.

According to a student source, about 400 learners took off at night in fear of their safety with some spending the night in the cold waiting for security checks that took more than three hours to be complete.

Deputy police boss Charles Ouma, who was leading a team of investigators, said someone called a some students and told them to leave since there was an imminent attack.