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Alaaar! Why Nairobians archive WhatsApp chats

By Winnie Mabel November 15th, 2022 2 min read

It was once said that when Kenyans online are not lamenting about one thing or the other, they are busy laughing at trending memes and funny conversations.

It now appears that what they do in between the two extremes is archive WhatsApp messages!

A Kenyan on Tik Tok by the name of Paula stated that her reason for archiving WhatsApp messages was if someone blue-ticked her (read her message and didn’t respond) and she sees that they were still online.

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She also said she would ensure she revenged on this person who blue-ticked her but did not specify how she would exact her revenge.

Her video was liked over 4,000 times, and hundreds of people commented on her sentiments, as sampled below:

“I don’t have time to archive; I will just delete,” laughed Kuhi.

“Blue ticks don’t scare me. I want the red one now,” added Barbzzzzzzz.

“I’ve archived only one chat, and it’s because it holds so much evidence,” laughed That Chic Juls.

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“I delete the whole chat and your contact number. And I take revenge on my day,” said M.H.

“People who send broadcast messages are the ones who are there,” said Irene 029.

“Same, blue tick hurts,” added Joyce Waweru.

“If I don’t want to block you and you delay responding for many days; and our messages can be evidence to prove something, so I don’t delete,” added Mercie.

“I have a lot of messages, so much so that I archive the ones that I don’t want to miss because the archived ones are the ones I will see first,” said Tabitha Cherop.

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“Reduce clutter on my face by archiving what I don’t want to delete yet,” stated Janty.

“For me, it’s a whole game of who will remove themselves from my archives first,” explained Paula.

“I archive someone when I don’t want to see someone online or when I don’t want much stories with someone,” said Sarah Sam.

“Sounds petty, just forget about it,” said one user, to which Paula responded that she knew it was petty, but these things do happen.

What is your reason for archiving someone’s chat on WhatsApp?

Let us know…

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