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Alai: Ruto has upped the cost of entry into political office

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has hit out at Kenyan politicians for massive wastage public resources. In a post on his social media pages, Alai also criticised Kenyan politicians for their tendency to put their personal interests ahead of the country’s economic development.

The blogger specifically took issue with Deputy President William Ruto for what he termed as “upping the cost of entry into political office.”

“William Ruto has messed it even further by now even upping the cost of entry into political office. It’s now more expensive as the electorate sees Ruto dish out money and other gifts all over. These negative effects are majorly brought about by the nature of our political nominations. We must rethink our political organization,” Alai said.

He further questioned the motive of Senior Counsel Prof Tom Ojienda’s bid to capture Kisumu senatorial seat.

“Why must people like Ojienda, who were high flying corporate advocates, indulge in politics just to earn a few million? Ojienda is spending hundreds of millions to be a senator just to earn a measly Sh60 million in five years of being a senator. Why?” he posed.

“Just through Google, you’ll see that Prof Ojienda earned Sh75 million from Bomet, Sh35 million from Meru, and Sh166 Million from Nairobi Counties as legal fees in just five years. We need to rethink our politics,” he went on.

The blogger further lamented the huge amount of money politicians waste during the electioneering period as Kenyans continue suffering.

“Every electioneering period degrades the economic and financial development of many regions to a great extent, more so if the regions remain in opposition,” he said.

“In the campaigns, these people spend so much money in a very unstructured manner that only end up bringing misery and death to the populace. A good amount is also spent in Dubai, Turkey, and China to buy campaign materials. What is the net effect on the regional GDP?”

Kenyans, the blogger said, must now rethink their political organization as most of the issues that arise economically are more often than not brought about by the nature of political nominations.