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Alai: I’ll vote for Uhuru and I have no apologies

An unapologetic Robert Alai has declared that he will vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the August 8 general elections.

In his most blatant admission yet, the controversial blogger confirmed what many of his followers have been suspecting all along – that he has truly switched allegiance from the opposition to the ruling party.

Alai’s public declaration of his political stand has come in the wake an unrelenting onslaught from Facebook users for a remark that he made equating Sh200,000 monthly to running a kiosk business.

The remark in itself was in response to claims by one Facebook user that he had landed a job as a consultant for President Uhuru Kenyatta – who is seeking re-election – for a monthly salary of Sh 203,302 and house allowance of Sh 23,087.

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“I will vote for President Uhuru whether you kithni or ndekni (whether you squirm or fidget). Kama inauma, BURST!!!!!,” Alai wrote in a long Facebook post on Sunday night.


Alai also sought to clarify the context of his ‘Sh 200,000 kiosk business’ remark saying that he doesn’t look down upon those who earn that much or less in a month.

“One thing I said yesterday (Saturday) is that I cannot work for someone for Ksh 200,000. For politics, I believe in owning a cause then being part of the ideology. That doesn’t mean that I despise or look down upon those working for 200k and below. Just that if I was left to work for someone for that much, I’d rather get self-employed and earn even 50k,” he wrote.

And just to prove that he had crossed the Rubicon, the one-time Raila Odinga apologist and loyalist had this one last parting shot to his political critics (read, Nasa supporters):

“NASA desperados please know that attacking, concorting or imagining all kinds of desperate stories on me won’t win you votes. You need to campaign, knock doors, convince more people to vote for your methuselah. I will never be broken by your untruths. Only Raila will get more billions in your blind idiocy. You are pawns. Pathetic pawns who don’t know that your poverty and buffoonery is Raila’s wealth.”

And as you would expect the backlash on Facebook came fast and furious.

But Alai also had his defenders.