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Alai’s reaction to man who couldn’t answer general knowledge questions

By Wangu Kanuri February 18th, 2023 1 min read

Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kileleshwa in Nairobi, Robert Alai, has reacted to a viral video of a Kenyan man who could not respond to basic general knowledge questions from comedian Nasra Yusuf.

The man, who is a resident of Eastleigh estate, stunned Kenyans by just responding to almost all questions with, ‘I don’t know.’

His responses not only shocked Kenyans but they also wondered how the young man could be so ignorant of issues related to the country.

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While responding to the viral video, Mr Alai attributed it to illiteracy.

We must fight urban illiteracy which is very common in adults. Vying in this city has opened my eyes to serious issues of illiteracy in low-income areas. It’s depressing. @SakajaJohnsonwe must have adult learning centers,” he tweeted.

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The young man dressed in a red t-shirt did not know the highest mountain in the world, couldn’t name a single continent and had no idea who the Deputy President of Kenya is.

However, he admitted that he does not care for most things save for his TikTok videos and the gym.

Niko na followers wengi TikTok. Deputy president wa Kenya? Sijui hii maneno, ata sipendi. Naangalianga tu TikTok yangu nafurahia alafu jioni naingia gym (I have many followers on TikTok. I don’t know who the Deputy President of Kenya is and I don’t love politics. I relish in watching my TikToks and going to the gym).”

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