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Alarm at University over runaway abortion among students

There is alarm at Pwani University, in Kilifi county, on the rate at which female students are procuring abortions.

An administrator at the University estimates that “every two to three days” female students procure abortion at a health clinic located near the institution.

Dr Osman Abdhullahi, the chairman of the University’s department of public health, said cases of abortion among students has risen rapidly.

“I won’t mention the clinic but it is very famous,” he said.


“A medical doctor who resigned from the county government and is now practicing in a private clinic documented a lot of students requesting for abortions. There is something unusual happening that needs to come out,” Dr Abdhullahi said.

He now wants colleagues in the department of education, public health and security to intervene urgently.

Dr Abdhullahi spoke during the validation of a qualitative research on teenage pregnancies.


The research established that Ganze, Magarini and Mtwapa are the major hotspots of teenage pregnancies in Kilifi County.

The research was conducted between November-December 2016 by John Njoka, a research fellow from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Nairobi.

It was commissioned by Faith to Action Network and Supreme Council of Kenya Muslim (Supkem).