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Alexis Sanchez exposed by woman he offered £1,000 for sex

With his big money move from Arsenal to Manchester United almost a done deal, the not so pleasant side of striker Alexis Sanchez has been thrust into the public by a 20-year-old woman who claims the Chilean footballer once offered her £1,000 (Sh143,000) for a night of romance.

In a stunning revelation published by British paper The Sun, Paulina Sobierajska gives a detailed account of how she first met Sanchez at a club and how the player enticed her back to his flat in what would become a five-month flirtatious affair.

Paulina would visit Sanchez’s apartment on four more occasions over that period of their clandestine affair. All this while, the Chilean striker never mentioned the fact that he has a girlfriend.

“He said he really, really liked me and asked me to go to a party and couple of drinks at his flat. It was quite weird but I said sure I will go,” Paulina says of the their first meeting at Mayfair’s Novikov Bar in London.

The player would later give her £1,000 (Sh143,000) in £20 notes and the address of his Kensington flat, an invitation Paulina gladly accepted.

Paulina also talks of the stripteases and drinks that Sanchez would treat her to whenever she visited his apartment until October 2017, when she came to learn about Sanchez’s girlfriend, Mayte Rodriquez.


“He never mentioned any other girls. But I found out when he was being romantic and nice to me he had a girlfriend all that time. When I saw the photo of them together it was clear everything we had was fake,” Paulina is quoted by The Sun.

“He had a girlfriend and I was the one on the side. I was devastated. I thought things were going to work out with us. It seemed like he really liked me. The most upsetting thing was that he kept his girlfriend secret and gave impression the we had something,” she said.

“I think he’s a d***head, an a***hole. It makes me angry. He thought because he was famous he can play me. It’s bad enough he was paying me for my time then saying he liked me. But then he went back to his girlfriend who was clueless.”

According to Paulina, Sanchez sent her a final message on December 14 and tried to arrange another meeting but she ignored his overture and cut off all contacts.

All this comes after the British media revealed that Sanchez is all set to become the highest paid player in the English Premier League from his impending move to Manchester United.

Reports on The Sun, and the Daily Telegraph on Thursday indicated that the Chilean striker would earn between 400,000 and 500,000 pounds (Sh56.8million and  Sh71million) a week when he moves to Old Trafford.