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Alfred Mutua warns Kenyans operating chang’aa dens in the Middle East

By Martin Abusi January 19th, 2023 2 min read

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua has revealed that some Kenyans in the Middle East countries are brewing illicit alcohol (chang’aa) to make a living.

Dr Mutua, who was speaking on Citizen TV’s JKLive Show commended Kenyans for their creativity when it comes to making a living but pointed out that some businesses such as the illegal brew has subjected some Kenyans a great deal of suffering abroad.

He mentioned how certain countries, including Qatar, have anti-alcohol laws, saying Kenyans involved in the illegal brewing industry had in the past been deported.

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“Kenyans are business people, and in some of these countries in the Middle East, alcohol is illegal. Do you know there are Kenyans brewing chang’aa in some of these countries? It breaks my heart that we are here debating about getting Kenyans there while there are Kenyans there with chang’aa dens, selling chang’aa to other Africans, an illegality in a Muslim country,” Dr Mutua said during the interview.

The CS underlined the effects of such conduct in the Gulf, stating that in addition to weakening the Kenyan passport, it also impedes the government’s efforts to address concerns of welfare for its citizens abroad.

“It is creative but we can be creative in other sectors. Some of them are losing their sight due to chang’aa (consumption). The things they are doing here they are doing there. That weakens our passport and bargaining points,” he stated.

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The CS further warned Kenyans in the diaspora against breaking law saying President William Ruto’s administration will pursue any lawbreakers.

In the past years, Kenyans who leave the country for greener pastures has been mistreated in the Gulf countries.

Since assuming office at the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs, Dr Mutua has been on the forefront to finding solution to the plight of Kenyan immigrants workers in the Gulf nations.

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