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Ali Kiba begs his estranged Kenyan wife to come back in his newly-released song

By Chad Kitundu November 11th, 2019 2 min read

Bongo flava star Ali Kiba has released a new song that seems to be dedicated to his estranged Kenyan wife Amina Khalef.

The new song, Mshumaa, leaves little to the imagination how much the singer wants Amina back in his life.


Amina is rumoured to have recently left her matrimonial home and moved back to Kenya just one year into their marriage.

“Nakumiss…Tena! Tutonana, Hata Mungu akipanga leo nikufe kesho, tutaonana tena,” Ali Kiba sings in the song.

“Labda nikukumbushe, Nilipokuvisha pete, Ulisema machache, Hauniachi mpaka nife,” he goes in the song.

Over the last two months, Tanzania blogs have been awash with all manner of reports concerning the troubled marriage with almost all stating that the two are no longer together.

Some of those reports have claimed that Ali Kiba split with Amina after he caught her red-handed using voodoo to charm his family, claims the singer has refuted.

Others reports have also claimed that the Kenyan beau walked out of the marriage because Ali Kiba became a serial cheat.


Last month, the singer admitted that their marriage has been troubled, adding that they are working out on their issues.

He however insisted that they have not split and neither has he issued Amina with a divorce, as has been widely reported in Tanzania blogs.

He also explained that he personally took Amina back to Mombasa so that she could get back to the work she was previously doing before they got married.

He added that he visits Amina frequently in Mombasa to check out on her and their baby and that she also flies to Dar es Salaam whenever she finds time to check on him as well.

At the time of their wedding ceremony back in April of last year Amina was working at the Mombasa county.

The couple welcomed their first child – Ali Kiba’s fourth – in September 2018.