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Ali Kiba blames Diamond for hitch at Chris Brown concert

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba says he suspects foul play from his rival Diamond Platinumz for his ruined performance during the Chris Brown concert last weekend in Mombasa.

In an interview with an entertainment show Mseto East Africa, Kiba said he suspect a dirty trick was played to ruin his performance.

According to sources, the altercation started after singer Vanessa Mdee had finished her performance and there was a standoff when Ali Kiba, who was scheduled to go on stage after Vanessa, declined to perform before Nigeria’s Wizkid.

In the end, Ali Kiba had his way, which saw him perform after Wizkid and just before Mr Brown. However, his moment of glory did not last as Brown’s security personnel demanded for Kiba to be removed from the stage two minutes into his performance to allow the American singer who was on a tight schedule to perform.

“There was a lot of misunderstandings from the organizers, but what I do not understand is why someone had to go switch off my microphone,” said Ali Kiba.

He continued; “What further puzzled me was seeing Diamond’s manager backstage, what was his role back there and how was he involved? It did not paint a good picture. Especially when it is believed that Diamond and I have differences, which we do not have. But what would people think when immediately after my microphone was turned off, Diamonds manager is seen backstage.”

Sallam Sharaff has however denied the claims that he was involved, and asked Ali Kiba to apologies to Kenyans for lying that he was.

He says that he was nowhere near the stage while Ali Kiba was performing, in fact after Wizkid he left to go back to the rooms and only came down when Chris Brown took the stage.

“Ali Kiba brought it on himself after he refused to go onstage after Vanessa Mdee, claiming that in East Africa he was a bigger artiste than Wizkid. The confrontation went on for more than 30 minutes and this affected the time scheduled for performance by the remaining artistes,” said Diamonds manager Sallam

He continued; “He should give Kenyans an apology for lying to them that Diamond through me engineered something against him. It does not matter if he fails to seek an apology from me. I have already forgiven him anyway. I also urge him to reduce the hatred he has toward Diamond Platinumz. We should march forth as a unit, and let him know that Diamond is not involved whatsoever in what happens in his (Kiba’s) life.”