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Alikiba quits Sony Music five years after being signed

By Naira Habib January 20th, 2021 1 min read

Tanzanian musician Alikiba is reported to have parted ways with Sony Music Entertainment Africa only five years after being signed by the major global music label.

According to media reports in Tanzania, Alikiba terminated his contract with Sony following a disagreement over how his musical affairs were being handled.

The top Bongo musician is also reported to have left Rockstar Africa, a record label and talent management company founded by Christine Mosha, who is the current Head of Marketing and Artist Development for the East Africa at Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

King Kiba started his music career in the early 2000’s but became regionally popular in 2008 following the release of his hit song ‘Cinderella’ which became a mega hit in East Africa.

Other hit songs under his belt include ‘Macmuga’, ‘Mapenzi Yana Run Dunia’, ‘Nakshi Mrembo’, ‘Aje’ , ‘Chekecha Cheketua’ among others.

Alikiba currently runs his own record label titled Kings Music.