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Embittered Alikiba’s ex resurfaces, says she can’t stand hearing the musician’s name

The ex-girlfriend of bongo flava star Alikiba, Jokate Kidoti, has resurfaced months after the singer’s wedding and she says she wants nothing to do with the musician.

While making her first public appearance this week after a very long time, a seemingly embittered Jokate sought to set the records straight regarding his relationship with Alikiba.

“I don’t need you to mention Alikiba’s name. If you want us to have a conversation, ask anything and everything you want to know without mentioning him,” she said at a friend’s party.

Alikiba and ex-girlfriend, Jokate Kidoti. PHOTO | COURTESY

Jokate also declined to respond to queries over her rumoured pregnancy with Alikiba’s child.

“I won’t answer that question, and kindly let the social media buzz be,” she snapped.

For more than two years, the top Tanzanian model and actress had been rumored to be secretly dating Alikiba.


Despite the two not confirming if indeed they were dating, many believed they were truly an item.

On several occasions, they were spotted hanging out together and even made appearances together in some events.

Alikiba and ex-girlfriend, Jokate Kidoti. PHOTO | COURTESY

Pictures of the two getting cozy during the time they were together also found their way into social media.

It was even once reported that Alikiba’s mother kept nagging him to marry Jokate.

However, the two went separate ways after it emerged that Alikiba was planing to marry Amina Rakesh from Mombasa, who is now his wife.

Jokate went underground immediately Alikiba walked Amina down the aisle with her absence on social media (she has more than 3 million followers on Instagram) raising many eyebrows.