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Alisha Popat speaks on her conservation mission through music

Kenyan singer, Alisha Popat, has attributed her love for Kenya as the reason why she showcases the country’s beauty across the globe.

Alisha has also revealed that her passion for conservation is what informed her decision to shoot all her videos in some of the country’s best known tourist sites.

“What I have to show on my music videos to the world is how beautiful my country. I am so proud of how Kenya keeps its conservation and so I thought I had to do is show the would how beautiful this place is,” Alisha said in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

The singer is also full of praise for Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) for what they are doing to conserve wildlife.

“When we set fire to all that ivory (in April), it was such a big stand for us as a country. I’m sure 90 per cent of Kenyans were incredibly happy with that massive gesture. That was Kenya basically saying that we are willing to lose that amount of money to stay true to what we believe in,” she said.