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All about actress Jackie Matubia’s YouTube series ‘Toxic’

Actress Jackie Matubia is buzzing with excitement as she announces the upcoming premiere of her long-awaited YouTube series titled ‘Toxic’.

Set to debut on April 17, the series will be available exclusively on her YouTube channel and marks a significant milestone in her career.

Fresh off a trip to Malaysia, Matubia hinted at a major career move upon her return, sparking curiosity among her fans.

“Just got back home and what I’ve been working on is finally up. I saw the picture and just felt emotional and sorry for my ugly cry,” Matubia shared.

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In a candid moment, while shedding tears of joy, Matubia reflected on her journey towards bringing ‘Toxic’ to fruition.

She imparted words of encouragement to her audience, emphasizing the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges.

“If you have a dream, work for it. You’ll be surprised by the way that people close to you are the ones making you fight those battles,” Matubia remarked passionately, urging her followers to tune out negativity and pursue their aspirations.

Amidst her emotional revelations, Matubia hinted at the sacrifices she made to realize her vision for the series.

“I have invested everything I got for this project, and I thank God I made it. I have fought so many battles, I have been called so many names! But I trusted God’s word…He will create a table in front of your enemies. One day I will tell my story,” she declared triumphantly.

In December 2023, Matubia expressed pride in the wins she achieved both in her private and public life.

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“Some wins I have achieved in my private life, while others in my public life. I am so proud of myself. When I look back in January, if someone told me I would be here, I think I would not have agreed. I always remember who I am and why I do it and who I do it for,” she said.

The Salem actress candidly discussed the challenges she faced in 2023, including heartbreak and her journey to singlehood after parting ways with her baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho.

Matubia revealed, “Got heartbroken, cried alone, lost weight, partied hard, travelled, and spent quality time with family.”