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All about collagen supplements that the police found in Pauline Njoroge’s room

Pauline Njoroge, Jubilee Party’s Deputy Organizing Secretary and a renowned Azimio la Umoja-allied blogger, has narrated the events that led to her dramatic arrest alongside her friend and hired driver in Watamu, Kilifi County last week.

The three were arrested for being in possession of narcotics in their car and hotel room, but in court, the Director of Public Prosecution presented a charge sheet that singled out Ms Njoroge for computer misuse and cybercrimes. This was in relation to her posts on social touching on President William Ruto and his government.

The trio was released on Monday after spending the weekend in police cells, with no charges.

Now, Ms Njoroge has recounted how police officers searched their vehicle and rooms, and allegedly planted narcotics before arresting them.

“… After about two hours, the officers took us back to our hotel to search our rooms. In my room, they found collagen and vitamin C supplements which were in the container I purchased them in. Those were what they labelled psychotropic substances… In Nduta’s room they found her multi-vitamins, omega and collagen supplements,” Ms Njoroge said.

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She said police officers claimed they hade found marijuana in their hotel room and two rolls of the same in the vehicle where their driver had been sitting in all along while the police searched their belongings. She maintained that the narcotics were not in the vehicle at the time of exiting the car and police surrounding them.

Police charged the trio with being in possession of narcotics and psychotropic substances which Ms Njoroge said later on turned out to be collagen supplements.

But what exactly are collagen supplements?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a premier health facility in the United States of America, at least 30% of the human body’s protein content is made from collagen. Collagen is a mix of four amino acids – proline, glycline, lysine and hydroxyproline – which group together to form a helix. This helix is formed when one incorporates enough vitamin C, zinc, copper and manganese in their diet.

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Collagen is concentrated in bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, blood vessels and internal organs.

“It helps provide elasticity and strength. As you age, you begin to lose the collagen within your body, and it becomes harder for you to make more,” Mayo Clinic says in its publication.

Collagen supplements are believed to help with skin elasticity, hair, nail and joint support as well as in maintaining a lean body mass as one ages. Users taking collagen supplements are advised to exclude excess sugar intake, smoking, prolonged sun exposure or ultraviolent light as well as environmental pollutants.

Collagen supplements, however, are known to have side effects such as skin rashes, fatigue, digestive system issues and headaches.

According to Ms Njoroge, the police labelled these supplements as psychotropic substances. These are substances that that impair brain functions and causes changes in mood, awareness and behavior. Drugs that can be classified in this category include alcohol, marijuana, heroine, cocaine, caffeine and certain pain medications. Collagen supplements are in not that category.

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