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All about Ng’iya Girls… the school that cancelled Akothee’s philanthropic invite

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee recently revealed she would extend her philanthorpic acts to Ng’iya Girls School.

But it wasnt to be as a religious organisation that runs the school reportedly objected to her invitation, even if that meant underprivilaged students who would have benefited from the social media influencer missed out.

Besides the chartity event, Akothee was also primed to speak at the school during a talent show organized for the students.

Being denied the chance to speak to the girls in that school attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans.

However, here are a few things to know about the school:

1. It is a National School

It is a national school in Ng’iya Township, Siaya County, in Western Kenya. A national school is among the top rated institutions in the country by the government. Madam Florence Okut is the current Principal of the school which consistently stands out for its outstanding performance in the Kenya National Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

2. It has notable alumni

Some of the notable alumni of Ng’iya Girls include Grace Ogot who is an author, nurse, journalist, politician and diplomat. Others are Mary Abukutsa-Onyango, a humanitarian and agricultural scientist and Grace Onyango, a renowned politician.

3. Maintain church values

The institution maintains a strict policy on religion. This was evident in the communication it sent to Akothee while cancelling her event.

According to the communication Akothee received, the talent show was cancelled after the school and the local ACK (Anglican Church of Kenya) diocese in the area failed to come to an agreement.

“We have new developments in Ng’iya girls, We shall have to cancel the event because the ACK Bishop of the area is not comfortable with our presence. They even went to the school and were very hard on the principal,” the message read.

4. Fostering Holistic Development:

Beyond its academic prowess, Ng’iya Girls School places a strong emphasis on nurturing well-rounded individuals. The institution provides a conducive environment for students to explore their talents, engage in co-curricular activities, and develop crucial life skills. The canceled talent show, which was intended to showcase students’ abilities, is a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering holistic development.

5. Upholding core values.

In the wake of the Akothee incident, Ng’iya Girls School announced it remains steadfast in its mission to provide quality education while upholding its core values. The incident has ignited a broader conversation about the delicate balance between external engagements and the preservation of cherished traditions, making Ng’iya Girls School a focal point for discussions on education, values, and community impact.

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