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Alliance High School celebrates KCSE results with song and dance

Jubilation, songs and dance dominated Alliance High School as the teaching and support staff celebrated the exemplary performance posted by the school.

The school’s Chief Principal William Mwangi said that the institution has produced a total of 36 A plain out of 398 candidates who sat for the examinations this year.

The school has 16 As in the top 100 students nationally.

“I feel nice as I have been told that we have the highest number of As. This is like 10 percent of the total number nationally. This has been our way of doing things and we are not surprised. We want to be the Alliance that we were before,” said Mr Mwangi.

He attributed the performance of the school to a hard working culture that has been inculcated at the school with both the teaching staff and student body that is disciplined and dedicated in their work.


“We have a very hardworking staff and also disciplined students who behaved well from the start to the end of the exam. The best was not the one we expected,” he said.

Mr Mwangi described the top student, Wesley Monyenye Osogo, as a diligent former academic captain but said that they never expected him to emerge as the top student since he never topped in any internal examination.

“This is the second time an academic captain is topping the school. It was the same last year. It seems this is the new trend,” said the principal, who is only two years old in the school.

At the neighbouring Alliance Girls High School, which had a single student in the top 20, the mood was downcast with no major activity going on at the school.

When contacted, the principal said she was not ready to talk to the media.