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Allow Miguna to return home, Kenyans tell Uhuru

Kenyans on social media are calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to allow exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna to return to the country.

Netizens have taken advantage of President Kenyatta’s latest message on the State House Kenya official Facebook page on Tuesday to pass across their message.

In his messageĀ President Kenyatta announced he has met Guinea Bissau President-elect Umaro Cissoko Embalo in Mombasa.

The two leaders, President Kenyatta said, discussed, among other issues, how ‘to enhance cooperation between the countries.

But a sizable chunk of Kenyans online who commented on that post seemed distracted by Miguna’s woes.

Their sentiments come after Miguna, who was expected in the country on Tuesday, announced that he had beenĀ barred from leaving Berlin Airport, Germany after a red alert was issued prohibiting him from boarding his flight to Kenya.

One particular user suggested that he will not support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report if Miguna is barred from returning to Kenya.

“We cannot support this BBI when one of our own is stranded in Germany. Allow Miguna back he is a Kenyan. Let Miguna mourn his father in law,” said Dominic Nyagah.


“I don’t agree with Miguna and I’m not going to agree with him any time soon but one thing remains (that) he is a Kenyan citizen by birth, the government would never purport to take that right away from him,” wrote Levy Nyabuto.

“Please accept Miguna back to the country. He is a Kenyan by birth,” Stephen Tanui posted.

“You invite foreigners while blocking citizens?” posed Ben Torres.

“Withdraw the red alert issued to Germany denying our son freedom to come home,” posted another user.

Miguna was deported from Kenya was deported in February on grounds that he had forfeited his Kenyan citizenship a few years ago when he took up Canadian citizenship.

But the courts have ruled otherwise prompting President Kenyatta and Immigration Department boss Alexander Muteshi to guarantee Miguna clearance on his return to the country.