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Allow us to carry our own food and drinks inside SGR train, or else…

Kenyans are threatening to boycott the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train, following a directive by the Kenya Railways prohibiting passengers from carrying food stuffs from outside while on board.

Passengers have been warned that any food items found on them during security checks at the SGR will be confiscated.

The notice came after a short video clip of a woman who had stripped naked at the Mombasa termini after her child’s food was confiscated.

Kenyans on Twitter have however expressed displeasure with the directive which they say will mostly affect infants and individuals with conditions that require specific foods.

“Mothers with babies need to carry their food. Diabetics need to carry food and recommend snacks to nibble on. People with allergies also need to carry food that won’t make them flare up. Everyone else is not interested in buying your overpriced maji na biscuit,” said blogger @Kaluhiskitchen.

“Ndio nashangaa pia mimi…I see myself going back to the long haul bus transport because I can carry toddler food and my 1st one has allergies,” wrote @jammax.

“The service crew in the train r very slow when it comes 2 serving customers only one for every cabin passengers have to wait for hrs b4 they are served. Unless u r going 2 improve on the service quality of food pricing and variety both inside the cabin or the waiting area. Am frequent user of Sgr your service food service is way below average for both business and economy class. U can’t stop people from carrying food stuffs for 6 hr journey and the only thing you are providing is frozen tasteless and not fresh food,” stated K24 News Anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga.


“Hey do you have vegan food vendors? Or allergy-friendly meals for those who suffer severe food allergies?” asked @VeganKenya.

“Why did you not communicate this prior to implementation? Today it was total drama at the Mombasa terminus. We were forced to drink or throw away drinks that we had carried, milk and food meant for toddlers. Treat ppl fairly, you are not giving us free rides,” tweeted @Purposefull.

“Mandazi zao ni 50/=. Think that’s the cheapest thing on their menu,” commented @gakenia_maria.

“You need stop Forced cargo transfers and now you force passengers with expensive food onboard….You need to realize the SGR serves mostly the average guy whom may not understand why he/she should buy a banana at 50 bob,” replied @Hezbornjulla.

“Food in the train is very very expensive for someone trying to save time and money by using SGR. If 500ml water is KES 100,” said @NyakwarWangah.