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Amani G, Kenyan girl who sang Alicia Keys’ song, hits another huge milestone

Amani G, the young girl from Githurai, who a few years ago touched the hearts of many with her melodious voice and even caught the attention of renowned American R&B singer Alicia Keys, has now blossomed into adulthood.

Amani G has celebrated her 18th birthday Instagram.

Reflecting on her journey, Amani G has recalled how she attained fame at the tender age of 13, and swiftly earning a record deal with Pine Creek Records.

Amani G celebrated her special day at a popular Nairobi hotel surrounded by her beloved fans and friends.

In a heartfelt message on social media, she expressed her profound gratitude for turning 18.

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“All the experience and opportunities I have had. I want to thank everybody who has been present with me. Through the ups  and downs, the long days and nights during rehearsals, recording, shooting, studying… especially my family,” she wrote.

She also acknowledged the immeasurable blessings in her life, such as the gift of life itself, the support of her family and the presence of friends who have been a part of her journey.

Amani G expressed deep appreciation for the diverse individuals she has encountered along the way, emphasizing the invaluable experiences and opportunities she has been fortunate to embrace.

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In a past interview, the teenage musician attributed her talent to her father, who also happens to be a musician.

“My dad inspired me so much in music even before I became a superstar. Seeing him struggle out there to earn from his music gives me courage to work harder at this young age. He is getting old and I will be the one to fill his gap,” she said.

Amani G also gained recognition from Alicia Keys amongst many other Influential figures worldwide.

She has also done several songs with local artistes among them, Pitson and Vivianne.

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