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Amber Ray confirms split with flamboyant businessman

Amber Ray has confirmed her break-up with businessman Kennedy Rapudo.

The socialite, born Faith Makau, says she had to leave the relationship because it was not working.

She also expressed her fatigue in faking things and pretending everything was okay when it is not and pleaded with her fans not to judge her based on her actions but rather to appreciate her for who she is.

“Yes, we broke up with Kennedy because things were not working out between us. But let no one pass judgment on me. Just appreciate me for who I am,” she explained on Instagram.

“Some may view me as a joker but if the relationship is not working, there is no need to force things but let it go.”

Those who’ve commented on the break-up however say they are not surprised.

“It’s so unfortunate. They just got into a relationship some few weeks ago. Anyway, we expected that to happen,” said one social media user.

Another Instagram user said the socialite should not be judged as break-ups are a normal thing.

Before dating the Rapudo, a flamboyant businessman, the mother of one was in a relationship with a Sierra Leone basketballer dubbed IB Kabba.

The break-up with Rapudo comes as some sort of surprise, as the two have consistently been sharing romantic photos on social media.