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Amber Ray: Dating a broke man is like drinking mwarubaini

Socialite Amber Ray says dating broke men is akin to drinking mwarubaini.

Mwarubaini is a distinct herbal drink in Kenya which is known only for its bitter taste but is also said to cure several ailments.

In a recent social media post, Amber Ray, whose real name is Faith Makau, shared a message from a potential suitor who claimed to have feelings for her even though he was broke.

To which she responded; “Love without money tastes like mwarubaini.”

The mother of one has hogged media headlines in recent times following his short romance to fairly loaded Nairobi businessman Jamal ‘Rohosafi’ Marlow.

This relationship was rocked with controversy from the word go, as the businessman’s first wife publicly shared her displeasure over Amber Ray. At one point it even got physical between the co-wives who happened to live in the same estate.

Only for Amber Ray to move houses and then suddenly announce she had walked away from her six-month marriage, which she described as ‘toxic’