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Amber Ray defends husband after money laundering speculation surfaces

Socialite Amber Ray has once again found herself at the centre of controversy over rumours that her husband is involved in money laundering.

The couple’s opulent lifestyle, as displayed on their social media platforms, has only served to fuel speculation about the source of their wealth.

In a recent Instagram video shared on Amber Ray’s account, the socialite is seen chatting with her son Gavin and husband Rapudo after he returns from work.

As Rapudo mentions his numerous meetings due to his hustle, Gavin expresses his surprise, stating that he has rarely seen his stepfather engaged in any work-related activities.

“I have never seen him at meetings or working. We always seem to have money, but he doesn’t seem to be working; it seems suspicious,” Gavin remarks.

Amber Ray confirms her son’s observation and reveals that people have accused her husband of being involved in money laundering, attributing his considerable wealth to these activities.

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Rapudo defends himself, insisting that as long as he provides for his family, the opinions of those who gossip about him are irrelevant.

“I am smart and I have hired people to work for me, people who are as lazy as those who are spreading rumours about me,” Rapudo confidently asserts.

This is not the first time Rapudo and Amber Ray have defended their extravagant lifestyle.

In a recent interview, Rapudo attributed their lavish spending to divine blessings bestowed upon them by God.

“We love each other and work hard while seeking divine intervention. We live within our means and are thankful for what we have. We do not struggle; it is a testimony of God’s blessings,” Rapudo explained.

When asked about the authenticity of their lifestyle and the possibility of it being artificially fabricated, Rapudo firmly rejected the notion, stating, “How can you fake what you really have? I have lived this way for a long time. I do not seek validation from others.”

With a reported monthly expenditure of around Sh9 million, Amber Ray is one of the country’s biggest spenders, if the claims are indeed true.

Despite her influential presence on social media, Amber Ray is not known to have a day job.

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