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Amber Ray: I have been reduced to mother and housewife

By Winnie Mabel January 24th, 2023 2 min read

Instagram influencer Amber Ray has ‘lamented’ how she has been reduced to a mother and a housewife. Amber Ray is known on social media for being an ‘It girl’ who is always posting the latest provocative fashion, entertainment spots, luxurious self-care treatments and travelling.

She made the remarks on January 23, 2023, as she recorded videos of her blended family preparing to take her fiancé’s daughter to school. In the video, Amber, her son Gavin, her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo and his daughter, are seen preparing to leave the house. However, Amber is camped in front of a full length mirror taking videos of herself.

It was at this point that Rapudo comes and affectionately rubs the tummy of Amber Ray who is pregnant with their first child.

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“I’m not addicted to these videos. You guys have reduced me to a mother and a housewife. I’m even forgetting about myself,” says Amber as she too rubs her tummy, while showing off her gorgeous red and pink floral dress.

They all stopped for pizza first where she claimed she was not used to eating “bread with meat” on it and they later took Rapudo’s daughter to school. She went on to post videos of the entire family and some friends helping Rapudo’s daughter settle in to her new school and even made her bed for her in the dormitory. Rapudo claimed he was officially broke from admitting his daughter to the new school and was headed to his rural home to recuperate.

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This wholesome family content posted by Amber Ray is a huge leap from her days of posting salacious videos of herself barely dressed and in provocative clothes and poses accompanied by not-safe-for-work captions. Since she said “yes” to Rapudo’s marriage proposal while on vacation in Dubai vacation late last year, the socialite, whose real name is Faith Makau, appears to have toned down her social media content from vulgarity to ‘wife material’.

Some of her fans are even of the view that Rapudo has turned her into a marriage counselor after she began posting content about being a submissive wife. Rapudo has also been hailed for “taming” Amber Ray, considering her infamous dating past with married men.

“Submission is not obedience! Obedience is compliance of thought and has little use for intelligence. Submission is an action! It is the recognition of a higher frequency that can transform you into the best image of yourself. Submission is not a command, it is a form of wisdom only known to the wife of a man with big b*lls. It is a field set up by a man for woman to rest and enjoy life,” said Amber Ray as she captioned a photo of Rapudo, a friend and herself enjoying a meal.

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