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Amber Ray: I’m a ‘wakeup call’ to married women

By Winnie Mabel September 11th, 2022 2 min read

Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, took to Instagram to take on married women. In her post, she claimed to be a wakeup call to all self-centered married women.

“I’m a wakeup call to all self-centered vibiriti ngomas out here who think they own God because they’ve paid the price by getting married. 🙄 Oga toka hapa nje (take a bath and come out here) where women work for money and your men are just but boys 💁♀️ You don’t know men. Real men recognize grace, not big booties 🤌 Take notes hunnies.” Said Amber.

See the post here:

Her post attracted ridicule from some commenters who said Amber’s grace ended faster than burning match sticks.

“Basi grace yako huisha haraka kuliko kibiriti(Then your grace ends faster than a burning match stick). 4 relationships in less than a year…Grace gani hiyo hata si faith kama jina yako (which grace is that and its not even faith like your name) …hiyo ni uchinga, zoea kutumiwa, zoea kutumiwa (that is stupidity. Get used to being used),” wrote Katri_na6755. To this, Amber Ray responded telling the commenter to continue getting used to their poverty.

“It is Amira’s turn as for you move on hii bitterness yote ni ya mtu mmoja kweli (how does all this bitterness belong to one person)”, wrote Njambi Scolastica.

Amira is the estranged wife of Jimal Marlow Roho Safi, one of two married men that Amber Ray got into highly publicized scandalous affairs with. Jimal ended up dumping her and continues to beg his wife to take him back.

“Bora tu tumeolewa babe 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (we are still married babe),” wrote Queenile5.

“Inakaaa Kuna maisha ya mtu inakuaffect😂😂😂😂 Acha Fellow lady ang’are na astand out!! Stop being intimidated by her current glow!😂😂😂 (It looks like someone else’s life is affecting you. Let your fellow lady shine and stand out),” wrote Doreen Njagi.

During her affair with Jimal, Amber Ray used to insult, mock and rub it in Amira’s face that she was dating her man. Amira at first fought back but left them alone, saying she had better things to focus on. It was also believed Amber attempted to compete with Amira in terms of looks and wealth but many said Amber would never be on the same level with Amira who is better than her.

Aside from Jimal, Amber also infamously dated married man Zaheer Jhanda, the Member of Parliament elect for Nyaribari Chache. Their relationship was exposed on social media by his wife and Amber was subject to insults and mockery from Kenyans. She was branded a husband snatcher with no morals.