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Amber Ray is now a fan – Vera Sidika reacts to their rivalry

Socialite Vera Sidika took to her Instagram stories to express her desire for new haters, claiming that her old detractors are now starting to like her.

The controversial personality shared a video addressing the issue, seemingly unfazed by the changing sentiments towards her.

“I need new haters. The old ones are starting to like me. Let me tell you something. If I want to speak to someone, I will tag them. I am not scared of nobody.

I am not speaking about anyone in particular because I feel like I have a lot of fans than haters. I think all my haters are beginning to like me and it’s boring,” Vera confidently stated in the video.

This statement comes just days after fellow socialite Amber Ray addressed the strained relationship between herself and Vera.

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During an interview with Plug TV, Amber clarified that she holds no personal grudges against Vera but mentioned having numerous important matters that keep her occupied and prevent her from crossing paths with her counterpart.

“I will not see her. We don’t have beef, but I will not see her. That is her life, and I have so many important things happening around me that would make me not see her,” Amber explained during the interview.

Amber further emphasized that Vera’s self-made success was attributed to a different era and is not reflective of the present circumstances.

She stressed the importance of respecting time and acknowledging that everything has its moment.

“She is self-made wa kitambo, not right now. Kila kitu na wakati wake. We should respect time as well,” Amber stated.

The recent tension between the two socialites dates back to March when they engaged in a heated exchange over their respective gender reveals.

Vera accused Amber Ray of imitating her style of revealing the gender of her child, an allegation that was later addressed and denied by Rapudo’s girlfriend.

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