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Amber Ray: Jimal told me Amira was okay with our ‘scandalous’ relationship

In an interview about her infamous relationships with married men, Instagram influencer Amber Ray spoke about her relationship with Jimal Marlow Roho Safi, the second ‘illicit’ relationship she was part of after another with Zaheer Jhanda.

In the tell-all interview, Amber said that dating Jimal was the worst mistake she ever made in her life. She went on to explain the circumstances surrounding this scandalous relationship.

“At some point, I felt justified in being with these two men because they are both Muslims. But, despite being Muslims, I would never want to be a second wife. I loved Jimal. It gave me some kind of comfort being with him. I felt secure and if you’d asked me then, I would also tell you I’m his wife,” Amber said.

She further said that she, Jimal and Amira had been neighbors back in the day and she knew they were married. He, however, came to her and told he was going through a divorce with is wife.

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Unlike with Zaheer, where he approached her while she was going through depression, she said Jimal found her in a space where she was single, financially and emotionally stable.

“In such a scenario, I expect that when you start talking to me, you’re supposed to tell me the truth, tell me what I’m getting myself into and then it’s my decision to make on if I want to be in such a relationship or not,” she said.

During her relationship with Jimal, Amira never approached Amber. Apparently, she believed it when Jimal told her she knew of their relationship, that they’d moved in together into a furnished apartment in Kilimani and that he spent all his nights at her house.

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“There was no night he told me that he had to go somewhere… suddenly, stories came up on social media of how I was a husband snatcher and so forth. Jimal told me that it was just all down to Amira being emotional because they no longer had a life together,” Amber added.

The relationship began being rocky since its start in December 2020 before they broke up in July 2021. During this entire period, Amber kept insulting Amira while the latter threw subtle shade at the influencer. For the better part of the drama, Amira kept to herself, not commenting on the drama as Jimal and Amber’s affair headed south.

Following the breakup, Jimal took to social media to beg Amira to forgive him and take him back but she never responded.

“We learn through mistakes and that’s why I’m now very keen. I’ll even hire an investigator to investigate you before anything else. For me, when I love, I love hard. I love love and that’s why I’ve never given up on love,” Amber said.