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Amber Ray opens up on ‘witchcraft accusations’

Renowned socialite Amber Ray recently addressed the serious allegations surrounding her, revealing how being associated with witchcraft took a toll on her personal life.

Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, faced accusations of using witch doctor charms to attract wealthy men.

She dismissed the claims, stating:

“I don’t need to go to any mganga to get a man. I mean, look at me.”

In an interview on Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel, the mother of two spoke candidly about the challenging period when the accusations surfaced.

She disclosed that, at one point, the pressure became overwhelming, leading her to deactivate her Instagram account temporarily.

“I was not ready to handle all that pressure. I deactivated my account for a couple of hours, and then I told myself this is not me because I like facing my troubles head-on. I finish up with them, and then I move on. That is what I did. And I thank God because that is why I am here. It was a blessing in disguise,” she shared.

Despite the seriousness of the accusations, Amber Ray emphasized that her family, including her now-grown son, was not adversely affected.

She explained that she immediately addresses online claims with her son to ensure he hears everything from her, rather than relying on information circulating online.

“It is something that really caught me unaware, let me say that. I love God, and even if my lifestyle does not portray I am Christian the way society wants us to be, I love God. It really affected my relationship with God. At some point, I had to stop believing in God, but now I am fully healed, that is why after some time, I was able to talk about the story,” she added.

Amber Ray found herself entangled in controversy when she was accused by the wife of Zaheer Jhanda, a prominent figure in both business and politics.

The serious accusation suggested that Amber had sought the services of a witch doctor to cast a love spell on Zaheer, ensuring he remained devoted to her.

The alleged involvement with Zaheer began while he was still married.

The situation intensified, culminating in a public announcement by Amber in August 2018, declaring an end to her relationship with Zaheer Jhanda.

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