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Amber Ray shares nasty experience from first baby daddy

Amber Ray, the popular social media influencer, recently took to her Instagram stories to share an intimate and heartwarming moment of her baby daddy, Kennedy Rapudo, washing their newborn daughter.

In her post, Amber Ray highlighted the stark contrast between Kennedy’s willingness to engage in childcare and the cultural beliefs of her son’s father.

Speaking candidly about her past experiences, Amber Ray revealed, “With my Kikuyu baby daddy, this was a big taboo. He used to say that such work is meant for women and that his culture doesn’t allow that.”

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She further described the challenges she faced in caring for her son alone, mentioning that she would fetch water from the borehole, wash clothes (especially nappies), cook, and stay awake the whole night taking care of the baby.

Amber Ray continued by expressing her gratitude towards Rapudo for his support, stating, “So my peeps, this here is one of my many answered prayers.”

She acknowledged that they didn’t have any house help at the time, which made her responsibilities even more demanding.

On May 15, Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo welcomed their baby girl, Africanah, into the world.

Amber Ray shared the joyful news through a heartwarming video on her Instagram page, accompanied by the song “My Sweet Love” by Wahu.

In the video, Rapudo is seen sitting beside Amber Ray on a hospital bed, tenderly holding her hands, while also checking on their precious bundle of joy resting nearby.

Amber Ray expressed her happiness and gratitude for Rapudo’s unwavering support: “My man is with me as the angel of my house, and I’m a brand new mummy! It’s a brand new life.”

The couple’s relationship hasn’t been a smooth sail; they have broken up twice but the love they share keeps bringing them back to each other.

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