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Amber Ray talks about disappointment from men

By Winnie Onyando September 1st, 2022 1 min read

Socialite Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, has advised lovers not to get attached to their better halves but instead be excited and enjoy the moment knowing they might end up disappointed.

In a lengthy post on her socials, the socialite who knows a thing or two about disappointments, stressed that people need to seize the moments and enjoy themselves without tying their emotions to the extent of not moving on when the relationship is over.

She further clarified that disappointments and breakups are a currency in almost every relationship and advised her fans to always bounce back whenever the chips are down.

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“I hate the advice that we shouldn’t get excited over a man too quickly. Girl, be excited. If you get disappointed, feel it and bounce back,” she wrote.

“Excitement and fun are the main points on why we are dating. Be excited without attachment because blocking the emotions is not emotional maturity.”

Amber Ray was certainly speaking from a point of information as she has not been lucky enough to hold onto the half a dozen men she’s dated in the recent past.

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The stand-out of her relationships involved influential businessman Jimal ‘Roho Safi’ Marlow which was littered with a threesome drama involving his wife and ended after a few months.

The socialite is also known to have dated a famous basketballer known as Ibba Kabba but that one too didn’t end well

The other men she’s recently dated include Zaheer Jhanda, Brown Mauzo, and Kennedy Rapudo.

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