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Amber Ray’s beef with ex-boyfriend spills over to week three

Amber Ray’s beef with ex-boyfriend IB Kabba may not be ending anytime soon, it seems. The Sierra Leonean boyfriend was at it again, suggesting on his Insta stories that the Kenyan socialite, whose real name is Faith Makau, ‘lacks direction’.

“I feel sorry for your family because you don’t have anybody to advise and talk to you about your life, all the people around you are useless.” he claimed, while adding she is using his name to chase clout.

“At this moment you need prayers. I feel sorry for you trust me you are using me to catch cruise but I wish you good luck We move.”

Not done, he accused his former lover of living a fake life on social media.

“I don’t have anything to say anymore we are talking about the reality you are talking about social media. If you like live fake for all I care. We move,”

Not the one to take such information lying done, Amber Ray responded to the hate speech by sharing a video of her lavish bathroom going in for a shower and she captioned, “A man real man should have money and not ranting around.”

Kabba has in the past suggested Amber Ray is not a fan of taking showers.

The socialite also responded to a fan’s comment on where she got that type of man saying, “I will likely never date a man from outside Kenya.”

Kenyans on social media have since turned the exchange of words from the ex-lovers into debate with most wondering what led to such a publicized fallout.

Others called on the two to ‘heal’ from the heartbreak.

The beef commenced in earnest two weeks ago when Kababa, a basketballer, called out Amber Ray via his Instagram stories for not being capable of keeping a man. He also advised to regularly take a shower.