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Amber Ray’s muted response to ‘breakup’ with fiancé Kennedy Rapudo

There seems to be trouble in paradise if a recent post by businessman Kennedy Rapudo is anything to go by.

In his Instagram stories, Rapudo shared a cryptic message suggesting that his relationship with socialite Amber Ray might be over.

“Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go,” Rapudo wrote using a photo illustration.

He also seems to have deleted photos of him and Amber Ray together from his social media handles.

Nairobi News sought out the socialite who is currently pregnant with Rapudo’s child, but she hung up the phone when we asked her about the current situation with the father of her unborn child.

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Rapudo proposed to Amber Ray last year after dating for a few weeks. Although a good section of her fans was happy for her, others were concerned that the relationship would not last and that she would end up being dumped, given her track record with men.

Amber Ray and Rapudo had previously broke up once – seven weeks into dating – only to reconcile later and get engaged.

The couple celebrated their engagement by going on a romantic vacation in Lamu, with Amber Ray revealing that it was her first time on the world-renowned tourist town.

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Amber Ray has since been posting “blended family goals” on Instagram to document their lives together in one house with their children from previous relationships.

The couple announced in January that they were expecting their first child together.

Amber Ray has twice dated married men in highly publicized and scandalous affairs. She has dated a West African man who went on to embarrass her upon their breakup – revealing intimate details of their sex life.

The scorned ex-boyfriend also accused Amber Ray of being a woman who cannot be intimately satisfied and that she is poor in hygiene matters.