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Amber Ray’s plan if fiancé Kennedy Rapudo dumps her

By Winnie Mabel December 28th, 2022 2 min read

It’s only been roughly six weeks since Kennedy Rapudo proposed marriage to Instagram influencer Amber Ray but her fans are weary on her behalf of her being dumped by her fiancé.

See, Amber Ray does not have a very good track record with men.

She has twice dated married men in highly publicized and scandalous affairs; and dated a West African man who went on to embarrass her upon their breakup – revealing intimate details about their sex life and accused Amber of being a woman who could not be intimately satisfied and that she was allegedly poor in hygiene matters.

It therefore, comes as no surprise that people are weary that the dream she is currently building with Kennedy could abruptly come to an end considering they already broke up once – seven weeks into dating – only to reconcile later and get engaged so fast.

“Why did you move in together (with Rapudo)? Huoni kama utatemwa nje someday (Aren’t you wondering if he will dump you and throw you out)?” asked the follower in an Instagram question and answer session that Amber Ray held on December 27, 2022.

To this, Amber Ray responded with a nonchalant answer, throwing in an emoji as if insinuating that life can never be that serious when it came to relationships.

“My dear, I only live for now…if a day comes where nitatemwa..nitatemeka tu na life iendelee (if a day comes where I will be dumped and thrown out, I will just be dumped and life will go on),” said Amber as she added a hilarious laugh emoji.

Amber and Kennedy got engaged on November 2022 after reconciling in October 2022 – a few weeks after she broke up with her Sierra Leonean lover, Kabba. The duo celebrated by going on a romantic- albeit explicit, judging from her Instagram updates- vacation to Lamu as she revealed it was her first time visiting the world renowned vacation spot.

Amber Ray has since been posting “blended family goals” on Instagram where she has been posting on Instagram about their lives together living in one house with their children from previous relationships.

Their most recent update was a Christmas family photo with Amber’s son and Rapudo’s daughter in an elaborate photo shoot at their recently completed residence.

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