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Amber Ray’s responses to being asked to get pregnant by Jimal, again!

By Winnie Mabel September 26th, 2022 2 min read

Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, took to Instagram on September 25 to answer questions from her followers on her birthday plans.

Many suggested she go on vacation to exotic locations, others suggested she plan a drive to raise funds for donation to a charity and others insisted she gets pregnant again and gives her son, Gavin, a sibling- preferably, a sister.

The latter suggestion came fast and furious as some suggested she get pregnant by her immediate ex, Kennedy Rapudo, but the suggestions weighed heavier in suggesting she get pregnant by Jimal Marlow alias Roho Safi, her ex, once removed.

“You should get a daughter na Jimal aki…mtoto will come mali clean. Na nywele je…weee,” wrote one fan.

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Businessman Jamal Marlow alias Rohosafi with former girlfriend Faith Makau alias Amber Ray. PHOTO | COURTESY

To which Amber responded by asking the person to, “Zima hiyo kitu, (Turn off that blunt)” as she laughed at the response.

Another fan answered her saying, “Get back with Jimal…I’d love that,” to which Amber said her followers enjoyed drama way too much and had too many jokes.

Others demanded she gives them a daughter while others suggested she find a new man after she called it quits with Rapudo, a few weeks ago.

She laughed off several of the wild answers including one where someone asked her to get married on her birthday, this October.

Amber Ray carried Jimal’s pregnancy and miscarried during their illicit affair.

He has an estranged wife, Amira, whom he publicly cheated on with Amber Ray.

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Jimal Mohammed aka Roho Safi (right) and his estranged wife Amira. PHOTOS | COURTESY

In a past Nairobi News article, it was reported that Amber Ray found out she had conceived with Jimal but as soon as she told him, he began looking for his estranged wife and their children, indicating that he wanted to go back home instead of building another family with Amber.

“I got pregnant for the guy (Jimal) and then that’s when everything came to light. After that, he now posted his wife (Amira) and their children (on his social media accounts). I felt like, no, something is not right. Like, why would you post some other chic when you are going through a divorce?

I was going through a lot at that time like people abusing me on social media and I’m in a space where I’m so confused, I don’t know what is going on but unfortunately or say, fortunately, I got a miscarriage.

I feel like I prefer it went down that way because I don’t think I’ll ever have the strength to be a single mother again ever in my life because in this whole scenario, there is no way Jimal and I would have ended up together,” Amber Ray said during a tell-all interview on her YouTube channel.

She and Jimal eventually broke up and he started begging Amira on social media to take him back.

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